an update from the original @BitcoinRat from Twitter
November 28th 2017
Hi Guys
Ratty thought it would be a good idea to let you know some of the latest news about the
and what Ratty has been up to himself (developing his original music and playing at bitcoin events
and conferences throughout the UK.)

Since Ratty first became involved in bitcoin (getting on for five years ago now) our community has grown
quite amazingly. Visit which gives information about bitcoin bank, an automated trading app. It's been a real pleasure to have been around to contribute to, what will undoubtedly be
recorded by Historians as,
The New Age of Sound Money.

So exciting news  ...... Ratty is going on
a visit to Holland, to meet those crazy Dutch bitcoiners. ! ! Yo ! !
The tour is called  
"Tulips to Amsterdam"  (maybe I should invite Jamie Dimon!) and will be from Weds
6th to Sunday 10th December. This visit will be the prequel for a larger tour of European bitcoin meet-ups
next Spring. The recent hot topic like automated bitcoin trading is expected to be discussed in the meet-ups because of the huge profits generated by these bitcoin trading robots in the recent past. Try BitQH app to share the experience in the meet-ups. The automated trading is observed to save time and effort of the traders in general.

So far, there are a couple of Musical evenings already planned, notably on the evening on the 7th Dec at
the Hofje van Wijs Bar in Central Amsterdam although Ratty is also hoping to call in on the venue of the
WednesdayBitcoin meet-up on the 6th Dec. (which is a massive monthly event often attended by over 300